Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fashionably Mature

Do you see yourself as forever stylish? Still caring about your fashionable threads when you're elderly? I've often thought about this. My Grandma always looks impeccable & is extremely modern. I often wonder where that turning point is for some people and when or what it is in their life that makes them just not care any more. I wonder whether that will happen to me... I hope to always stay stylish.

Scrolling through the Sportsgirl blog today, I came across a blog called Advanced Style. Creator, Ari Seth Cohen, tracks down the most fabulously fashionable older women that you could possibly find on the streets of New York. No unsightly purple rinses to be found here!

 Beatrix Ost

Rita Ellis Hammer

A Beauty at Bloomingdales

Mme Dominique Fallecker

These are just a few of my favourite ladies. Check out the Advanced Style blog for plenty more stylish seniors. I seriously think this is the coolest blog ever!

~ Clare x

All images from Advanced Style


  1. Those ladies are so fashionably gorgeous...

    Oh I hope I could be as fash as them when I reach my twilight years... ♥

  2. This is so divine-I hope to stay chic and classically dressed always!

  3. I found this blog the other day too. how awesome are these beautiful women??

  4. I just love these photos. I hope I can retain (or perhaps find my fashion sense when I'm older!) Ha!

  5. WOw, these women have such style! I love that they still express themselves and aren't afraid to do it. Good for them!

  6. Um hello WOW! The all look pretty fabulous. I am always afraid to get stuck in fashion and always want to grow with my style.

  7. A very inspiring post!!! I think about this too. My Mom is an amazing example as was my Grandmother on her side. And things have changed SO much about what is "appropriate" (though less so in France but I don't care!). I actually have an idea that I want to have an all-black, very Demeulemeester/Comme style look (big boots included)--with all white hair, it could be fun!

  8. Oh wow! How inspirational is this?! I love this :)


Thanks for sharing on Soulful Mama ~ Clare x