Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reclaim - Monica Trapaga

I do hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I must apologise, I recently found out that nobody was able to comment on our blog as I had the settings all wrong! Silly me, my head is always in the clouds! Anyway, it's all fixed now, so I do hope to get some comments. Here I was wondering why nobody was commenting yet....?

Today's adventure took Linda & I to the bohemian little homeware store Reclaim owned by the famous Monica Trapaga. Monica is well known in Australia as a Children's entertainer and Jazz Singer. Don't you just love that contrast? Now she has added homeware store owner to her long list of credits.
Reclaim is described on Monica's website as specialising in "all things vintage and reflects Monica's love of anything pre 60's and satisfies her natural flair and love of decorating. Stylewise, the store epitomises bohemian chic, with a mix of French chic and includes many "one-off" pieces of furniture that have been lovingly restored by Monica herself, along with furniture and decorator items made from recycled industrial pieces, as well as beautiful ornate mirrors, lamps and chandeliers."

Here are some photos from her site...

All images from Reclaim

 Located in Summer Hill, it's set amongst a great little collection of shops and cafes. If you live close-by, it's definitely worth a look.

Happy weekend!

~ Clare x

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