Thursday, June 10, 2010


Last night I went to see a Sydney Theatre Company production called Oresteia.

"After ten years of fighting in Troy - ten years during which Argos has been suspended in time, awaiting word of victory or defeat, awaiting the return of its men – the beacon glows on the horizon signaling a victorious end to the war.
Inside the palace Clytemnestra eagerly awaits the homecoming of her triumphant king Agamemnon. Outwardly her demeanor is one of joy and elation but a dark rage underlies the sweet smiles of jubilation. As her husband sails home Clytemnestra prepares to exact a horrifying revenge on the man who, in order to win this war, sacrificially slit the throat of his own daughter.
A curse has fallen upon the House of Aetreus: blood will be shed, familial bonds betrayed and social order disintegrated before the blight on it is lifted." Sydney Theatre Co

This Greek tragedy was so haunting. The performances were very strong from the whole cast, especially Zindzi Okenyo in the role of Clytemnestra. Definitely not for the faint hearted, there is plenty of blood & violent themes, but I thought it was amazing. Although, I go to the theatre to be challenged & to see wonderful raw & truthful performances... What do you like to see?

On a less dark note:
I'm heading up the coast tomorrow night with the hubby to stay with some of my family that live in a stunning area called Port Stephens. I've been holidaying up there since I was a baby and now my Grandmother has moved up there and so has my Auntie and her family. It's about 2.5 hours drive north up the coast from Sydney and has become a very popular tourist spot. Port Stephens is full of glorious beaches, lovely restaurants & fanciful shops....

My Auntie owns a homeware store, Bay Living.
Image by Bay Living
 Specialising in Cape Cod, Hamptons & French Provincial styles.
This photo was from when she first opened her store last year, she has so many new & wonderful things in there now. So, I will take plenty of pics this weekend of Nikii's store & also of her beautiful home (if she doesn't mind) to share with you all.

Here are some of my favourites from some of the labels Nikii stocks...

And this is the desk that I really, really want, but not sure if we can get it yet or not....

Isn't she a beauty? ...sigh....
All above images are from Riviera Maison

 More, you say???

All above images are from Villa Maison

Be sure to check back after the weekend to see all the lovely new stock in Bay Living and to see a mini tour of Nikii's beautiful home.

~ Clare x

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