Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bay Living Delights & Mathias Paris

Happy mid-week to all!
Ugh! I have the dreaded cold at the moment & the weather was so cold & windy today, raining here & there. Would have loved to have stayed home in bed.

As promised (a day late, sorry) here are the goodies I picked up at my Aunt's store Bay Living over the weekend.

Above images by me

I got a mercury glass pumpkin lantern by Riviera Maison, some scented sachets by Bridgewater Candle Company (I get these every time I go to her store, can't get enough of their scents), a Nesti Dante Ivy & Clove soap and a stunning bottle of Figue body lotion from Mathias Paris.

I couldn't help but fall in love with the Mathias Paris products. Here is what his website says about his company and products:
"Mathias, a man of feelings, a self-taught designer and "créateur", is well known for his gracefull, airy and distinguished glass creations. For Mathias, feelings are also found in scents where subtlety and sensuality come together. Mathias has created a line of home fragrances and bath and beauty products inspired by the places of his childhood and in complete harmony with his current life today in Provence. Candles, soaps, bath confetti, creams, fragrances... developed in Grasse and made in Provence - revolve around to three periods:

The oriental period "The Harem Garden"
So powerful and far away, it goes back to his childhood in Morocco. This era of his life was filled with sensual sents of myrrh, pipe tobacco, oriental cedar, tuberose and aroma of the palace grounds that flooded the garden he first dreamed of.

The White Period "My Mother's Garden"
More recent and still present, it revolves around a mysterious house in the heart of the imperial forest of Compiègne. The melancholy of this place combined with his mother's gentleness, have created Mathias' secret garden where armfuls of white flowers are gathered - freezia, acacia, gardena, lily, spruce, heirloom rose, lilac, lime blossom, lily of the valley, magnolia and violet.

The Blue Period "My Garden of Provence"
"The arid and natural land of Haute Provence is rich in fragrances like nowhere else in the world." Here on a hill, Mathias lives in a restored old stone "pigeon" house and cultivates his olive trees. This "land of the sun" miraculously brings together the richness of life and all of Provence fragrances - lavender, bitter almond, fig, orange blossom, rose geranium, minosa and jasmine.

Here are some pics from the Mathias Paris website...

All above images from Mathias Paris

Aren't his products divine? They certainly smell divine.
 How preposterous that I purchased all these wonderful things because of their scent & now I have a cold & cannot smell a thing! Such is life I suppose.

~ Clare x

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